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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Exploring Google's "Even More" Page

Google is probably the first place searchers go to find information on the Web, but how often do you click the "even more" link on Google's search page? Google offers many search features, advanced searching, and tools that most of us do not use on a daily basis.

Did you know you can search mail order catalogs via Google? You can browse by the type of catalog, or enter a search term to search all of the catalogs. Google doesn't host all types of catalogs including: "foreign catalogs, travel guides, course catalogs, manufacturers' information sheets, loose-leaf sheets/brochures and catalogs that are printed with unusually large or small dimensions, or in landscape (horizontal) format." You can however, read most types of mail order catalogs. Google also provides a link to the vendor's Website for easy ordering!

Google Video is becoming more and more popular. Google Video is arranged by the most popular, then by other catgories. You can search for videos and Google also allows you to upload your own video like other Websites such as YouTube. Google Video is still in beta, but don't let that stop you from enjoying this entertaining Google feature.

Google also offers a Code section for developers or individuals who want to download API's or open source code. The Code section offers both a search feature and knowledge base. This is definitely worth checking out if you like exploring new ways of integrating technology or using open source software.

Another section of the "More Google Products" page is the Communicate, Show & Share area. You can create a free blog, such as this one, utilize the calendar feature, create and share documents online using Docs and Spreadsheets, organize and share images using Picasa, and many more features. Most of the advanced features Google offers requires you to create a Google account. You can even personalize your Google search page and make it your homepage.

Google offers a lot of services and features to make our life easier. I can't remember the last time I used another search engine. I used to always make an effort to double check my search using DogPile, Yahoo, or other search engines, but it is so much easier to Google it!

As a side note, I am not employed by Google, nor do I aspire to be:)

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