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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Here is the second half of an alphabetical list of databases added to the collection over the past year. To find these databases again, click the appropriate letter from the aphabetical list. The databases will also be listed under the subject heading most related to the content of the database:

IEEE/IET Electronic Library from IEEE The IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL) provides access to almost a third of the world's current electrical engineering, electronics and computer science literature, featuring journals and conference proceedings from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). Current IEEE standards are also included. Backfile goes to 1988, plus select content back to 1950.

International Bibliography of Theatre and Dance from EBSCO The International Bibliography of Theatre & Dance is a multicultural and inter-disciplinary research tool for theater students, educators and professionals. Since 1984, the Theatre Research Data Center (TRDC) at Brooklyn College has published 14 volumes of the IBTD. These volumes comprise a fully indexed, cross-referenced and annotated databank of over 60,000 journal articles, books, book articles and dissertation abstracts on all aspects of theatre and performance in 126 countries.

International Index to Music Periodicals Full Text from ProQuest International Index to Music Periodicals Full Text covers a comprehensive range of subject areas in both scholarly and popular music journals ranging from International Journal of Music Education, Ethnomusicology, Jazz Education Journal and Musical Times to Rock and Rap Confidential and Rolling Stone. Articles examine the full spectrum of subjects and all aspects of music, including music education, performance, ethnomusicology, musical theatre, theory, popular music forms and composition. You can find articles on a diverse array of musical genres, from the liturgical chants of medieval monks to the eclectic sounds of contemporary alternative rock musicians.

LexisNexis Primary Sources in African American History from LexisNexis This database contains materials from the colonial period to the present day, including government documents, images, autobiographies, contemporary accounts, manuscripts, laws, court cases, political cartoons, and the full texts of public speeches made by prominent African Americans.

Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts from CSA LLBA provides abstracts to the world's published literature on the nature, use, and teaching of language. It covers all aspects of the study of language including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics. Includes citations to book reviews appearing in serials abstracted for the print Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts.

Literature Online (LION) from ProQuest Literature Online (LION) is a searchable library of more than 350,000 works of English and American poetry, drama and prose, 192 full-text literature journals, and other key criticism and reference resources. The Poets On Screen Library contains 839 clips of poets reading their own and other poets' work.

MedicLatina from EBSCO MedicLatina is a Spanish language collection of medical research and investigative journals published by renowned Latin American medical publishers. This unique database provides access to full text for nearly 100 peer-reviewed medical journals.

MEDLINE with Full Text from EBSCO Indexes and abstracts articles approximately 4,800 current biomedical journals around the world, dating as far back as 1965. Full text is available for approximately one quarter of the indexed titles.

Middle Search Plus from EBSCO Special Note: This resource is not appropriate for college level research and is included primarily for the use of education majors.Middle Search Plus provides full text for nearly 140 popular magazines for middle and jr. high school research. All full text articles included in the database are assigned a reading level indicator (Lexiles), and full text information dates as far back as 1990. Middle Search Plus also contains 84,011 biographies, 83,472 primary source documents, and an Image Collection of 192,999 photos, maps and flags. This database is updated daily on EBSCOhost.

Natural & Alternative Treatments from Ebsco Natural & Alternative Treatments is a complementary and alternative medicine database designed specifically for the consumer-health researcher. The database contains articles on medical conditions, presenting the alternative medicine therapies proposed for use in their treatment. It also contains detailed, evidence-based information on alternative therapies, herbs and supplements, functional foods, and drug/herb/supplement interactions. The articles in the database are based on double-blind, placebo-controlled studies and other forms of scientific evidence. The evidence-based content has been developed and reviewed by a team of physicians and pharmacologists with the goal of providing consumers with reliable information.

OAIster from University of Michigan OAIster is a catalog of digital resources stored in over 700 open access repositories all over the world. Digital resources in these repositories include items such as digitized books and articles, born-digital texts, audio files (e.g., wav, mp3), images (e.g., tiff, gif), movies (e.g., mp4, quicktime), and datasets (e.g., downloadable statistics files).

Oxford Scholarship Online from Oxford University Press Philosophy titles from Oxford University Press.

Play Index from H. W. Wilson Play Index allows searching for plays by title; author; subject (sisters, culture conflict, marriage); style (symbolism, experimental theater); genre (comedy, melodrama, musical); cast type. It includes plays published as single volumes and also plays in anthologies and collections. Full publication details needed to locate the play in its published manifestations are provided.

Primary Search from EBSCO Special Note: This resource is not appropriate for college level research and is included primarily for the use of education majors. Primary Search provides full text for nearly 70 popular, magazines for elementary school research. All full text articles included in the database are assigned a reading level indicator (Lexiles), and full text information dates as far back as 1990. This database is updated daily on EBSCOhost.

Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection from EBSCO This database provides nearly 575 full text publications, including nearly 550 peer-reviewed titles. Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection covers topics such as emotional and behavioral characteristics, psychiatry & psychology, mental processes, anthropology, and observational and experimental methods. Nearly every full text title included in this database is indexed in PsycINFO. This database is updated daily via EBSCOhost.

Religion & Philosophy Collection from EBSCO This database provides extensive coverage of such topics as world religions, major denominations, biblical studies, religious history, epistemology, political philosophy, philosophy of language, moral philosophy and the history of philosophy. Religion & Philosophy Collection offers more than 300 full text journals, including more than 250 peer-reviewed titles, making it an essential tool for researchers and students of theology and philosophical studies. This database is updated daily via EBSCOhost. from is an online platform for the global new media art community. Its programs support the creation, presentation, discussion and preservation of contemporary art that uses new technologies in significant ways. The rhizome site features ArtBase, an online archive of new media art including some 1,600 projects, and TextBase contains the discussion and critical writing that posted on Rhizome's mailing lists since 1996. Users may set up individual accounts at the site to subscribe to Rhizome's email lists, to browse recently added content, to post to rhizome email lists, or to submit projects to the ArtBase.

SRDS Media Solutions from SRDS Online collection of SRDS publications Consumer Magazine Advertising Source, Newspaper Advertising Source, Radio Advertising Source, Out-of-Home Advertising Source, Interactive Advertising Source, and TV and Cable Source.

Texas Reference Center from EBSCO Texas Reference Center includes more than 80 full text journals and books about Texas history, ethnic & cultural diversity, gender studies, literature, public health, business as well as home & garden and sports & leisure. The database contains biographies portraying famous historical and contemporary Texans such as George Herbert Walker Bush, Lady Bird Johnson, Dan Moody, Susanna Dickinson and Sam Houston. Also available in the Texas Reference Center is the Spanish-language newspaper El Sol de Texas with Texas and national news coverage. This EBSCOhost database is updated weekly.

Twentieth-Century Drama from Chadwyck-Healey When complete, Twentieth-Century Drama will contain 2,500 plays from throughout the English-speaking world, covering the history of modern drama from the 1890s to the present. Release Four includes more than 1,050 plays by authors such as Ama Ata Aidoo, Maxwell Anderson, Ed Bullins, Noël Coward, Susan Glaspell, John Godber, Beth Henley, Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Eduardo Machado, John Osborne, Sean O’Casey, Terence Rattigan, Bernard Shaw, Derek Walcott, and August Wilson.

Women & Social Movements from Alexander Street Press Organized around the history of women in social movements in the U.S. between 1700 and 2000, this database contains more than 25,000 pages of documents pertaining to Women and Social Movements, a dictionary of social movements and organizations, a chronology of U.S. Women's History, Teaching Tools with lesson ideas and document-based questions related to the website's document projects, and 67 document projects that provide more than 1,900 documents, approximately 740 images, and over 600 links to other websites.


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