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Monday, March 31, 2008

Added: Hoover's First Research Industry Profiles

The library is happy to announce the add-on of Hoover's First Research Industry Profiles. It's located within Hoovers.

This is an industry survey style business database that breaks down the structure of an industry and its current challenges and opportunities.

The reason we acquired Hoover's First Research Industry Profiles is the context that it gives to the industry information. Hoover's explains the overall nature of the industry, specific terms, the raw materials the industry requires, and the typical capitalization and profitability of the industry. Then, it discusses current opportunities and threats that industry faces. We also found the categories of industries to be more up to date than some other databases. It's a winner.

Compare to the industry and market data inside Business and Company Resource Center, Business Insights, Marketline, Market Research and Standard and Poor's. These are all good, but Hoover's brings some much needed context to the table.

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