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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Online Access to Oxford Dictionaries

The Library has just added Oxford Language Dictionaries Online, a new database providing instant access to Oxford’s top-of-the-line, unabridged bilingual dictionaries.

Initially, the database includes the following dictionaries:

French-English; English-French (The Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary, Fourth edition)
German-English; English-German (The Oxford-Duden German Dictionary, Third edition)
Italian-English; English-Italian (The Oxford-Paravia Italian Dictionary, Second edition)
Spanish-English; English-Spanish (The Oxford Spanish Dictionary)

Also included are correspondence templates for sample letters, emails, and resumes to provide practical help with writing.

You can also set up a Word of the Day alert in five languages by email or RSS feed.

Coming in 2008: Chinese, Russian, and revolutionary pronunciation software allowing you to hear native speaker stress and intonation.

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