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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

what's asl?

i was laughing the other day because i had read in one of the professional librarian journals about a librarian being puzzled during a chat ref session because the patron kept on asking "asl." then of course i started laughing harder because i found out it happened to another librarian i know.

i have found that a few times ppl have logged into chat and just wanted to talk to someone, or ended up wanting to have more of a conversation while i am helping them. i guess that because of the normal social uses for chat that ppl may not realize that reference chat is all business. the trick seems to be how to extricate yourself without being too rude (also when you are needing to transfer someone or something). i guess i am too sensitive about it and end up scattering emoticons all over the place to make sure the ppl i am helping don't think i am being rude.

i also wonder as well if it is a good thing to use shortcuts and abbreviations. i personally like it because i type faster that way and i like for the people i help in chat to feel comfortable with me. i am curious to find out what other ppl do. i tend to take my cues from the patron i am "talking" with. if they use punctuation i do too.

anyway, the point of this somewhat long and meandering post is to include a link to commonly used abbreviations and acronyms. (though you can find a ton yourself if you go to google and type in "chat abbreviations.",,sid26_gci211776,00.html

oh yeah, i forgot to sign off.


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